Marc Thiercelin - Auckland - New Zealand - 031999 - Around Alone Race

Marc Thiercelin, said "Captain Marck", is a sailor and a French professional skipper, born on October 29th, 1960 to Saâcy-sur-Marne ( Seine-et-Marne).


He begins the sail and the competition in 1970 in Optimist, and continues in all the series of storm sail until an Olympic preparation for the olympics of Los Angeles 1984. It turns to the race in the wide and becomes professional skipper in 1988. He signs its first victories Nioulargue in 1990, Cross-Channel in 1991 and 1993. He participates seven times in the Solitary person of the Figaro between 1992 and 2007 with victories of stages. But it is Vendée Globe which is going to reveal this stubborn competitor. For its first participation in the race, he takes the second place of the edition 1996/1997, behind Christophe Auguin Vendée Globe whose striking fact is the disappearance of Gerry Roufs which Marc Thiercelin will try to find in vain. In October, 1997, he ends the second, with Swiss.

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